Name: Bryan Suereth
Nickname: Pony Boy
Number: 1
Position: OF
Bats: Mostly right, occasionally wrong
Throws: In the right situation
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Occupation: Executive
Born: 10/30/1973 Sacramento, CA
Sign: Scorpio
College: Mostly...Eastern Oregon University (actually in Eastern Oregon)

Biography: Bryan grew up in the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania...but is not quite Amish (although he sometimes pretends to be--or
at least when asked that annoying question by reasonably intelligent people says "Yes, I'm Amish" with unquestionable sincerity).
An iconoclast by nature, Bryan is often accompanied to social functions by his more popular wife, Chelsea, and his extremely popular dog, Clyde. A streak hitter on the diamond,
Bryan's Gold Glove in center field anchors the Lagers defensively. Bryan hopes to one day wrestle with the weight of the world.

Interesting Factoids: Bryan can bench press 100 lbs more than Alden Kasiewicz, who claims to have the strength of a grizzly bear. Returned a punt
87 yards for a touchdown with 00:00 on the game clock to beat the # 3 ranked team in the country in his first ever college
football game (said team, Central Washington University, was led that year by NFL quarterback Jon Kitna).
Bryan once appeared on the Jerry Springer show.