Name: Greg Glover
Nickname: 'Gramps' (it's the attitude not the age)
Number: 13
Position: SS, 2B
Bats: L
Throws: R
Height: 5' 9'' (w/ spikes on)
Weight: 155 (after a salad day)
Occupation: Record label owner/Morning show host
Born: 4/13/1969 Dallas, TX
Sign: 'Send 'em!
College: Univ. Alabama/Univ. South Florida

Biography: Though born in Texas, Greg was raised in Alabama. As he approaches the plate Greg hears 'Sweet Home Alabama' in his head.
Greg also hears 'NUH NAH NUH, NUH NAH NUH' (ESPN Sportscenter theme) whenever he fields even the
simplest of grounders. Greg doesn't think twice about going head-first into second base and/or into a post-game brew.
All-time hero: Charlie Hustle. Hobbies: record collecting and beaver shooting.